Cube Vision Technologies is an Intellectual Property Development firm focused on the development of video image processing algorithms and FPGA implementations for our worldwide broadcast and professional customer base.  Whether you need a standard solution or custom development, the team at Cube Vision will ensure you get the product you need at a price point that meets your business objectives.  We are committed to your success.

De-Interlacer IP Core:  PDF Product Brief

  1. SD (480i/576i) and HD (1080i)

  2. Low angle processing

  3. Film mode  3:2,2:2,5:5,6:4,8:7, etc

  4. Per Pixel Motion adaptive

  5. Mixed mode

  6. 12 or 14 bit, 4:4:4 processing

  7. Ultra-Low Latency (<20 Lines)

Scaler IP Core:  PDF Product Brief

  1. Field proven. Awarding winning.

  2. Any progressive to any progressive, up to 4k

  3. Dynamic and arbitrary scaling, in/out sizes

  4. 1:1 pixel mapping, 4:4:4 processing

  5. 8 to 16 bit resolution

  6. Programmable filter taps and filter phases

  7. Sharpness controller


Products and services

Cube Vision is committed to exceeding customer expectations and delivering the highest quality products and services.  At Cube Vision, our customers’ goals are our highest priority.